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 Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Everyday figures of speech illustrate the unconscious connection between tension and eyesight:

“We will not be a naysayer or we would not see the forest for the trees. In any case, everyone should maintain a clear vision and have an overview of the situation.”

Muscle Tension

Our shoulder and neck muscles positively or negatively influence our sense of sight. When we have complaints of tension in this area, it can immediately impair our vision. Headaches or migraines can produce the same results. From the other side, taxing your eyesight such as by looking at a computer monitor or working with a magnifier can lead to shoulder and neck muscle tension which will then over time again negatively impact your vision. It forms a vicious circle which can only be stopped by performing relaxation exercises.

Conscious vision and relaxation therefore belong together – the exercises in the lessons “Relaxed Vision,” “Firing Procedure Training” and “Seeing Clearly” support the conscious tension and release and allow you to see better and more easily afterwards.

Psychological Stress

You cannot always escape from everyday stress, but with some training you can reduce its influence on your vision. This type of psychological relaxation can be trained during “Palming” in the “Seeing Clearly” lesson. Not only will your vision become clearer, but your mind will become more composed.

Computer Games

Stress training can also be carried out with usual computer games, but the advantages and disadvantages of this will not be considered here.

The E & B training goes far beyond the demands of a normal computer game. We want to train essential and helpful mental foundations for shooting sports which is why we’ve incorporated physical training and concentration exercises with the communication of information and  interesting experiments.

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