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 The Eyes and the Brain

Training for Every Shooting Discipline?

Training the eyes as well as physical and mental training are helpful to everyone, regardless of whether you’re a precision marksman or a sharp shooter. Aiming and special movements for combat shooting require even further training methods. Intense mental training, meaning a quick understanding of the course and its run throughs in your mind are even more important for a combat shooter, because he or she has to constantly adjust to rapidly changing conditions. Taking mental pictures while going through the course and visually processing these images in your mind must be precisely coordinated and must occur swiftly. There are also movement sequences for loading and firing – our mental training forms a good basis for putting everything together.

Important Notice

Trainers, eye doctors and psychotherapists have been consulted for their technical expertise and instruction for the information, exercises and experiments. Not everything is perfect for everyone. And the development will be continued.

We cannot heal any diseases; these are training exercises for everybody, healthy people who would like to improve their vision for shooting sports. You decide which exercises you want to perform and when you want to stop. There is no guarantee that an exercise you perform will lead to improved shooting results. Everything depends on your personal state of condition.

Enjoyment, fun and maybe even some optical and mental fitness for shooting sports, that is the goal of the E & B training.

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