E & B Training for Shooting Sports (on USB flash drive)

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E & B Training for Shooting Sports (on USB flash drive)


  • Eye & Brain training for shooting sports – not outside, not noisy – but strong and powerful to make us aware of our visual process.
  • The eye is our “hardware” and the brain our  “software”  -  we want to try out training the eye muscles and to improve the brain. This training can actually help influence our sense of sight. 
  • Enjoyment, fun and maybe even some optical and mental fitness for shooting sports, that is the goal of the GASTON – E&B training!




  • Requirements:
    Operating system: Windows XP or newer
    Free disk space needed: 8 GB
    Connection to the internet during license registration (afterwards the software can be used without an internet connection)
  • This item will be delivered on a USB flash drive – software size approx. 3.6 GB (Flash drive only for our software delivery – no warranty for further use)
  • Please read all instructions carefully on our E&B training page
  • All hardware and software requirements are also listed on our E&B training page
  • The software is developed for school children (10 years or older) and adults