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 Conscious Vision

The sight training should make us aware of our visual process. Only after we’ve achieved this awareness can we consciously influence our visual process (of course, only to a certain extent).

The visual process is composed of two important elements, to put it simply: the eye as “hardware“ and the brain as “software.” We can only slightly change our “hardware” (medical operations have a decided impact), but we want to try out training the eye muscles. The “software,” a.k.a. the brain, is more susceptible to improvement. We now know that with appropriate training, we actually can influence our sense of sight.

The Eye Muscles

Some exercises and experiments will help you to “sense” the tension and relaxation of your eye muscles. These exercises are appropriate for everyone, but it’s of course particularly helpful for shooters.

The various vision techniques in the following lessons give the impression of “controlling” the eye muscle:

The Dominant Eye - Lesson “Safety First” - Experiment “The Dominant Eye”

Peripheral Vision - Lesson “Relaxed Vision“ – “Square Hunt” and Lesson “Seeing Clearly” – Experiment “Peripheral Vision”

Soft Focus - Lesson “Relaxed Vision“ – Experiment “Trick Pics“

Accommodation Training - Lesson “Seeing Clearly” – Thumb and Candle Exercise

The Brain

We can train our brain in a number of ways. We have chosen exercises which always challenge the brain in combination with the eyes. Speed is only one of several factors. This eye – brain training also supports memory and mental acuity.

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