Scrimshaw Pendant with Wild Boar Motif

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Scrimshaw Pendant with Wild Boar Motif


  • Artistic scrimshaw engraving on a mammoth tusk
  • Miniature engraving of a wild boar’s head
  • Woven leather chain
  • Artist M. Mehmke




  • Scrimshaw is the art of carving or engraving intricate motifs onto animal byproducts such as ivory, horns, bones or mammoth teeth.
  • The surface is first polished to a mirror-like finish before the artist engraves the motif into the material with very fine, needle-pointed tools. The work is performed under a magnifying glass or microscope.
  • To reveal the carvings, the surface is repeatedly rubbed with one or multiple colors and then wiped off.
  • An artist’s experience determines the object’s success.
  • The woven leather chain can be adjusted to desired length.

Disclaimer: Regarding recent legislation which bans the commercial trade of elephant ivory in the United States, please note that none of our pendants are produced with elephant ivory. More information on this recently passed legislature can be found here.

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