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Scope Protector

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Scope Protector

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  • Innovative – always bringing new solutions to IPSC athletes, Guga Ribas presents the GR Scope Protector Kit.
  • Improved performance – do not lose precious fractions of a second because the sun is blinding or the smoke from shots is obscuring your vision. With this scope protector, the red dot is easier to keep in view.
  • Stylish – a small tool in a modern design for C-MORE sights.




  • The GR Scope Protector Kit fits the following C-MORE sights:
    • Serendipity
    • Scout
    • Railway
    • Slideride
    • Tactical
    • Incompatible with STS models
  • The scope protector is mounted in just a few steps, as shown in this short video. This is a link to GR video on YouTube. -klick here- (open a new Window).
  • Lifetime Warranty – the GR Scope Protector Kit has a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. More information can be found here. (Link to warranty and procedure for GR items.)
  • Additional details:
    • Color:
      • available in white, black, gray, red or yellow
    • Material:
      • plastic