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 RECYCLABLE - A natural cycle

We are bringing back the well-known albeit little-used method of recycling by reintroducing certain products and supporting their use.

The process of recycling leads to the reduction of unusable waste. Our products follow a natural degeneration process at the end of their life cycle which results in the flow of natural and usable resources back into the ecosystem.

In order to foster the raw materials’ natural course, which is both useful and beneficial to us all, they need to meet high standards:  organic cotton, dyes and threads are only allowed to consist of natural resources.  Laboratory-tested color combinations, devoid of any trace of chemicals, look beautiful, don’t fade in sunlight and return to nature at the end of their life-cycle.

This production process is not possible for every product. We will start sporting this symbol on our shirts, allowing us to participate in protecting our environment and sustaining the Earth.

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