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Product Material Information

Natural Materials

Combining tradition and nature, the fabrics used in our clothing are ecological, skin-friendly and long-lasting. From Loden to unusual Leather ... we've got your health and the environment in mind!


Nap Loden 1
The term Loden stems from the Old High German word ‘Loda’, which roughly translated means “hair cloth” for its coarse texture. The material itself is traditionally from, and still made in, the Tyrol mountains of Austria. Its versatility and perseverance over hundreds of years make it beloved in Europe for hiking and hunting gear, as well as playing an important role in the alpine costumes of the Lapland's. Originally made from un-fulled* woolen fabrics from carded yarns of mountain sheep, today it is colloquially equated with 'Walk Loden' and other fulled fabrics. Classic colors include: olive-green, gray-brown, mottled black and red-brown. Modern Loden fabrics are usually woven into twill, twill-like or woven plain weave.
Nap Loden 2
*Fulling is part of the wool cloth making process that eliminates oils, dirt and other impurities as way to make it thicker.
You can find the following variations of Loden at GASTON® here!
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Harris Tweed

For centuries, the tweed-making tradition was passed down generation to generation by the islanders of Lewis, Harris, Uist and Barra out of their homes, and dyed before being spun. One such case of a family tradition can be seen in this brief clip of Donald John Mackay, a Harris Tweed weaver straight from the heart of Scotland Luskentyre Harris Tweed at work.
Through the ‘Harris Tweed Act of 1993’ only material carrying the iconic orb is guaranteed to be of top quality and coming from its genuine origin. The myth of being coarse and scratchy has been long debunked, and modernity promises all the tactile, breathing and sustainable qualities of any luxurious 21st century fabric. For further interest on the history of the markers visit: The Harris Tweed Authority or simply shop the best GASTON® Harris Tweed hunting apparel here!
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Merino Wool

Few sheep can say they have been as economically influential and historically relevant than the Merino breed. Originating from a 12th century monopoly of wool in Spain, these sheep were found nowhere else for 600 years as exportation would be punishable by death!
Merino Wool is fine and soft, which prevents irritation and itching of the skin as is common with less prestigious wool assortments. In addition to this, it is breathable while remaining water resistant making it ideal for sporting outings. Due to its anti-microbial properties, Merino Wool remains odor resistant and helps regulate body temperature keeping you cool in warmer weather.

Here you can find all our cuddly GASTON® Merino Wool products!
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Organic Cotton

Negative perceptions of Cotton and its bio-waste has become a remnant of the past, as a modern agricultural revolution has caused for alternative modes of growth. Like Organic food, organic cotton undergoes a strict process of treating land at a minimum of three years to ensure that toxic residues of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are removed.
Organic Cotton is among the most skin-friendly, soothing and harmless natural fibers, all while avoiding the detriment of the surrounding environment. The health benefits that come with Organic Cotton are met with its versatility of application in fashion allowing for a variety of style, shapes and colors. Our Organic Cotton apparel is biodegradable!

Source:   Organic Facts

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DELUXE piqué

DELUXE piqué;
100% extra-long-staple cotton / Mako super combed

Trigema Mako super combed cotton is notably soft, fine-threaded, and with a subtle, permanent shine. This extra-long-staple cotton can be spun into particularly fine yarns, which gives the piqué and, at the same time, the women's or men's polo shirt a subtle and elegant structure.

Source:   Trigema

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Organic DELUXE single jersey

Organic DELUXE single jersey;
100% organic cotton super-combed KbA

The super combed BIO-cotton, in single quality, is sourced from Turkey. The importance is put on the sustainable production of cotton in order to maintain the natural resources used. Trigema super combed BIO-cotton is exceptionally soft and fine-threaded. 100% BIO-cotton stands for a real natural product on the skin

Source:   Trigema

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Dry Wax

Dry Wax is cotton that has been impregnated, applied, or woven with a paraffin, or natural beeswax for waterproofing the fabric. GASTON® Waxed Cotton Products are made by weaving 2-ply cotton into a strong canvas fabric, which is then treated in the aforementioned manner. Originating as means for faster sailing on the ocean and keeping sailors dry, it has transformed into a multifaceted material for an array of activities.
Modern use of dry waxed cottons remains to areas where greater warmth and insurance of remaining is necessitated, as it is highly wind resistant and maintains the breath-ability of cotton. It is however important that these materials are never stored in damp conditions, and are dried gently for lasting quality and longevity.

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Virgin Wool

There are two types of virgin wool.One which is derived from a lambs first sheering, the other from any age sheep but must have never been used, processed or woven previously. These classifications were first made with the United States Wool Products Labeling Act in 1939.
Virgin Wool is known for its attractive character, resilience to wear and tear while offering increased comfort with each use. This material is able to absorb up to 20% of its weight in water, so there is no need for it to be sprayed with harsh chemicals for it to be water resistant. It is also bio-degradable, and improvements on the standard of living for the animals involved in the process of sheering leaves a conscious-free and green choice for all.
All GASTON® coats contain Virgin Wool, a summary of these products can be found here.
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Unique Leather

Virtually any animal hide or skin can be processed or tanned to produce leather, GASTON® carries an array of unique products with just some of the following animals.


Originating from the Northern Lapland landscapes in Finland, Reindeer leather is produced from natural herd breeding. Due to the warmth of their fur and thick skin, these animals do not require indoor stables and are able to roam freely within the forests of the country. In addition to being kind to nature, the leather is as soft as it is exotic and guaranteed to provide long-lasting warmth in climates where it is most needed. In fact, Eskimos even in present day rely on reindeer skins to stay warm and protected from harsh environments.
GASTON® Reindeer Leather Gloves for Men & Women are now available!


Did you know there are 74 species of domestic buffaloes? Buffalo leather is usually sold as an aniline leather, meaning simply that it’s very natural looking and can be easily dyed. In Europe aniline leather is defined by the standard: DIN EN 15987 "Leather - Terminology - Key Definitions For The Leather Trade" (July 2015). Under this ruling, the leather is a smoother, and has larger pores that that originating from a cow. It also requires that any finish must not be thicker then 0,01 mm and should not contain pigments.Nonetheless, it remains to be equally sturdy and stable as that of other large game.
A beautiful instance of GASTON® Buffalo Leather can be seen by our Pull-up Leather Cartridge Belt
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Goat Suede
About 12% of total leather production comes from goats. It is slightly softer and tougher than cow leather and is lightweight, comfortable, supple, flexible, and water-resistant. Goat suede is a velvet-like subcategory of leather, which is why at GASTON® you will find it in the form of hunting undergarments! It is softer than goat leather but it retains the same stretch and durability.
Important notice: Cheaper suede is usually made from split skins, meaning they are very delicate and likely to rip or tear within a couple of years thereby it is wise to spend a little more on it. Waterproofing the suede is recommended at least once a year to maintain the integrity desired from the goatskin.


Roughly 85% of the worlds Yaks (an Asiatic highland bovine) live in Tibet, China, and Mongolia! Due to the harsh conditions which Yaks have evolved to be accustomed to, the leather is half the thickness as compared to a cow to achieve the same level of heat insulation and toughness. The production of the Yak leather itself is costly, due to the extensive grease deposits that keep these animals warm. Thereby, if a company claims to be selling Yak leather for a low cost it should be approached with caution. Traditional Yak leather comes predominantly from China or directly from the nomads themselves, making every product so much more valuable and rare as it is precious in respect to every animal’s life.
An example of fine craftsmanship of Yak Leather can been seen here, ideal for hunting and leisure.
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For those with innate knowledge of leather grades, know that moose is top tier full grain. Unlike many other exotic leathers, moose skin is naturally resistant to the elements and can withstand the most uneven of surfaces. With time the leather does not stiffen or crack retaining original durability after years of use. Fun fact, in Alaska it is a legal requirement (CM00 § 11-13) for those that moose hunt to retain the skins to prevent waste, and encourage retaining the integrity of the animal.
Note: Damage caused by the warble fly and thorns are typical for these free-living animals and are regarded as authenticity features.
You can find GASTON® high-quality Moose products here!


Bison skin, sometimes mistakenly referred to as buffalo skin, is a heavy duty durable leather. It has a coarse grain, meaning that it is not as smooth but is soft with a rubber waxy feel to the touch. Bison is normally tanned using organic materials, where the material remains un-stretched. This process is to increase strength and to preserve the unique grain pattern, dissimilar to that from Cows or otherwise. Bison is used for an array of products such as: furniture, shoes, belts, bookbinding, rugs, gloves, jackets, and baseball gloves.
Since it is too thick for conventional sewing machines it is frequently sewn by hand using saddle-stitching as seen with our Bison Leather Hunting Bag.

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High-Tech Fabrics

Our high-tech materials are created to regulate temperature to keep you comfortable on the hunt or at the shooting range:


Polartec® was originally developed for the U.S Special Forces when more technological advanced material was required in insulating clothing and materials while remaining lightweight. The fabric was engineered to regulate body temperature during active and static activity. The highly compressible fabric eliminates the need for continuous layering or removing of clothing. In addition to this, it is durable, water repellent, and fast-drying ensuring uniform warmth and comfort.

Source:   Polartec®

We offer a variety of products with Polartec technology for men and women!

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The Coolmax® fabrics employ specially-engineered polyester fibers to improve “breathability” compared to natural fibers like cotton. ‘Wick away’ fabrics are engineered to draw moisture away from the skin through increased evaporation over a wider surface area during extreme physical exertion. In fact, clothing made from this material can easily washed, and often does not require the need of a dryer, as it comes out ready to wear in most cases. Due to its anti- fade, wrinkling and shrinking tendencies it has become favored amongst those that engage in frequent outdoor sports and hunting.
GASTON® carries a line of Extreme Performance apparel with Coolmax® technology, available here!

Source:   Coolmax®

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Made in 1993, DUNOVA® was one of the first comfort underwear products made of specially engineered fibers that keep the body dry. Originally, it was visually recognizable by its “ringlet effect,” an addition of nylon to stabilize knitting. The fibers are porous structured (built-in capillaries) and have a moisture absorption capacity of up to 35% without swelling and a suction speed similar to that of cotton. It is important to note that when a fabric softener is used during the wash cycle, the suction power of the fabric may be reduced.
Our DUNOVA® knitted caps are a customer favorite!

Source:   DUNOVA®

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Cordura after 3,000 cycles Cordura; Nylon after 1,000 cycles Nylon; Polyester after 700 cycles Polyester;

First produced in 1929, CORDURA® is a “durable, yet practical fabric.” Trusted by militaries across the world, this material can be found in be found in the most top-quality and tough fabrics on the market. The fabric is usually made from Nylon, but may be blended with other fibers to increase durability and resistance to abrasion. Each of these materials since 2011 must be 100% recycled, in alliance to protecting the environment. The images on the left demonstrate fabric undergoing the Modified Wyzenbeck abrasion test, which uses sandpaper to identify material strength.

10x more durable than cotton
3x more durable than standard polyester
2x more durable than standard nylon

Source: What is Cordura?

You can find the following variations of CORDURA® at GASTON® here!


Whether by happy accident or pure boredom, GORE-TEX® was developed by stretching polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) at an accelerated rate, allowing it to expand 800%. GORE-TEX® is water & wind-resistant and can withstand heat up to 260 Celsius, ensuring no harm will come to you even on the hottest of days. This is why it is used frequently in firefighter suits, jets, and other military equipment. More common dangers like protection from chemicals and wear & tear is amongst the more common reasons it is favored by GASTON® as seen by our line of GORETEX® hunting apparel for men & women

   The Science History Institute made a video worth watching on the inventors of Gore-Tex!
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Skinlife® is a synthetic hollow fiber in which extremely thin quantities of silver micro-particles are stored. It belongs to the family of polyamide yarns, unlike traditional nylon it is able to maintain a natural bacterial balance on the skin permanently. Thereby, germs that normally would proliferate on the skin and cause for a foul odor are diminished through the micro-particles ensuring freshness throughout the course of wear. This also makes it an ideal partner for any person with sensitive skin, or finds many traditional workout wear to diminish in capabilities over time.

Our best-selling Skinlife® products can be found here!

Source:   Skinlife®

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