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TRIGEMA represents an unparalleled success story in the German textile industry.

Brothers Josef and Eugene Mayer founded the company in the Swabian town of Burladingen, Germany.

The family has worked continually and successfully on modernizing production methods and the company’s expansion within Germany.

The company’s whole philosophy since its inception has focused on increasing its skilled labor’s know-how through certified training and specialization. As a result, the quality of the company’s product design and production process has improved.

Innovative manufacturing sites provide highly efficient production of all products in Germany.

The primary materials such as cotton, thread and the resulting material all originate within Europe.

Attention is paid at every step of the way to ensure that the necessary resources are optimally used.

Water and energy consumption are minimized; raw materials are farmed and processed exclusively with pollutant-free substances.

Attention is always paid to treat both people and the environment with care and to ensure that they are in harmony with one another.

Management has created a "Code of Conduct" for humane working conditions in all of its locations, along the same lines as the guidelines of our enterprise.

We highly regard the superior quality of their products, their innovative knowledge and fair, collaborative efforts.

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