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Schirm & CoOne of a kind! This family business has been producing umbrellas for over 140 years. For generations, this small company’s motto has been “durability at the highest quality standard for our products.” German federal presidents have their umbrellas handmade from this company, and even an historical original umbrella from the Austrian Empress Sissi has been professionally restored.

In 1876, the seafarer Theodor Egger began repairing umbrellas at the Hamburger Fish Market. Shortly thereafter, he opened his first store “ Eggers’ Umbrellas”,  on one of the largest shopping streets in the city. The knowledge and craftsmanship of umbrella making was passed down from generation to generation and remained in the family. In 1992, the rent for the many stores got to be too expensive and the current owners had to lay off their 60 employees. What remains is but a small store in the big city of Hamburg, but the craft lives on.

Today, Mrs. Vertein and her daughter run the store and the small workshop in the fifth generation. They are of the last professionally-trained umbrella makers in Germany. The craft is on the precipice of extinction; there is no longer the possibility to be trained in this profession.

The same country which invented the umbrella 4000 years ago now floods the market with cheap, mass productions.

Craftsmanship and tradition cannot be allowed to fade into oblivion. These wonderful, sturdy and durable umbrellas have been hand-crafted for us in Hamburg. Every umbrella is an original.

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