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Leuchtfeuer Strickwaren

Quality Products Made in Germany

Leuchtfeuer Strickwaren is among the few traditional companies which continues to produce sweaters, hats, scarves and socks in Germany. This company places importance on maintaining their production facility in Germany, both today and in the future.

The company is a fully integrated manufacturer. From the yarn down to the finished good, the product is continually monitored and brought onto the market with a good conscience. The yarns which are used are subjected to a continuous German quality control.

Founded in 1956 by Adolf Grohmann and his wife, the company continues to be family owned. Over 60 years’ experience have led to increased know-how and improved quality. What used to be produced by painstaking manual labor can in large part be done today by computer-controlled machines.

Meticulous production and processing – partly done by hand – has made Leuchtfeuer Strickwaren so well-known and popular. The company is primarily specialized in half-zip sweaters. Their range is rounded out with hats, socks and scarves.

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