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Chevalier There exists a very special relationship between GASTON® and the Austrian knifemaker Richard Kappeller. With him, one can feel his love of his profession – in the person himself and, of course, in his extraordinary knives.

For over 10 years, Richard Kappeller has been manufacturing top-notch knives. Most often, it’s individual pieces which were specially manufactured according to the customer's wishes. From time to time, the knives are produced in small series. Noteworthy is that in the years 2015 and 2016, he was voted the winner by the readers of "Messer Magazin" [Knife Magazine] in the respective categories of fixed knives and folding knives.

GASTON® has also been intensively advised by him on blade shape, cutting geometry, grip material and, of course, the workmanship of our hunting knives. Historical Damascus steels which were specially manufactured for GASTON® in the German master forge of Markus Balbach using a traditional welding technique are transformed here into wonderfully sharp and optically unique blades.

The work of Richard Kappeller is characterized by a lot of manual labor. It is very faithful to tradition. This gives each knife its own special appeal. The distinctiveness in comparison to other knives can be seen. At the very latest when you have such a knife in your grip – you feel the balance, the excellent workmanship and how incomparably well the knife lays in your hand.

True to the maxim of Richard Kappeller: "My goal is to create a functional and exclusive knife which does not need to shy away from the critical regard of an art connoisseur." ... and thus he is exactly on the same page as GASTON®.

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