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The tradition-rich company was founded in 1924 in Kirchentellinsfurt, Germany.

Over the course of many years, the EINHORN brand has established itself as a top name for high-quality, modern shirts and blouses.

In 2007, the owner at the time sold the company including the EINHORN brand to an investor.

This did not negatively impact the brand’s success. Even large U.S. brands continued to have EINHORN manufacture their shirts. The consequences of globalization also had a big impact on the continuity of the enterprise.

This wound has left its mark, but the EINHORN brand perseveres and with it is a small team of outstanding, creative employees who dedicate themselves to designing perfect shirts and blouses for the GASTON® brand, among others.

Up until the year 2015, the company was able to use the elegant German-made checkered fabrics from the Brennet company. Since Brennet has ceased operations and GASTON®’s material stocks have been exhausted, we now obtain our superb fabrics from a Portuguese supplier.

This is how excellent shirts and blouses are created, uniting a stylish cut, practical features and excellent quality. We are pleased to offer you a comprehensive product range for hunting and leisure which is completely manufactured in Europe according to the highest standards while achieving high quality and respecting fair trade practices and environmental guidelines.

Since 2014, the Swiss company ASONI SA is the new Einhorn brand owner. It is known as a shirt specialist of highest quality. The Einhorn brand benefits from the great expertise of this premium supplier. Together with the long-standing EINHORN team, the values of the brand will continue to be sustained. In the future, GASTON® will continue to source their excellent quality hunting blouses and shirts from EINHORN /ASONI.

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