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Dr. Gmünder

There are people who have so much enthusiasm and joy for their favorite hobby, hunting, that they start to develop products to eliminate potential health risks.

Dr. Gmuender is an avid hunter. In the beginning of the 1990s, this hobby led him to develop soft shooting recoil pads. A specialized polyurethane foam padding helps reduce the harmful impact to the shoulder joint when the rifle butt recoils during shooting.

A team of specialists including chemists, engineers, technicians, mechanics and salespeople pooled their knowledge and experience from different areas such as the field of motorcycle protection development.

The result of this collaboration was soft shooting recoil pads, which have been continuously developed over the years under the direction of Dr. Gmuender. His scientific background studying biology and immunology and his personal drive enabled him to significantly advance this successful development.

Dr. Gmuender is an excellent example of how knowledge, profession and hobby can be combined in a way which creates sustainable products for which the primary focus is not to drive revenue.

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