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Chevalier Once one has discovered the soul of the hunt, it’s hard to be without it. Especially the enthusiastic hunter appreciates special function clothing which protects him from the inconveniences of nature while allowing him to be right in the midst of it.

Since 1950, Sweden-based Chevalier has developed high tech clothing geared to fulfill a hunter’s needs, following the motto “quality and genuine craftsmanship.” Chevalier has been winning its customers over for more than 60 years with high quality and especially long-lasting products manufactured in Europe.

For many years, Chevalier has been a business partner of WL Gore. Together, the companies have developed ambitious clothing for extreme conditions. The clothing has been extensively tested for its functionality. All clothing which bears the label Gore-Tex® has been scrupulously tested in a special Gore test center. Test include a heavy rain test, a comfort test, a test of the fabric’s strength, and a cold flex test. The results are convincing – clothing which optimally complements intense hunting use in both form and function. WL Gore continually strives to reduce environmental impact during the production process while creating 100% waterproof and windproof, breathable membranes.

With proper care, you will have many years’ satisfaction with your Gore-Tex® clothing made by Chevalier.

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