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Chevalier ASONI is an internationally established Swiss family business founded by Hans Aeberhard in 1972 with the vision of producing a unique product.

The philosophy of the brand name ARTIGIANO, which, translated from Italian means "made by hand," has acquired the brand a firm place in the high-end retail market. The company follows a consistent product strategy with specialization in high-quality shirts and blouses with the highest wearing comfort.

The expertise and experience of long-standing employees is an integral part of the ARTIGIANO brand. It relies on sustainability and future-oriented production strategies.

Logistically, the ARTIGIANO brand is managed from Zurich. However, it has had its own production facility in the north of Portugal since 1979. This guarantees the highest quality while at the same time meeting all International Labor Organization production standards.

GASTON® finds it of special importance that at ASONI, these exquisite shirts and blouses are manufactured exclusively in Europe.

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