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Goat Leather Underwear

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Goat Leather Underwear

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Leather Underwear – pale yellow

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  • An old German family company manufactured since 1868, fine leather undershirt and underwear, tanned as it was 6000 years ago
  • Old traditional German-tanned leather underwears have always been expensive, but a pleasure to wear. Unfortunately these are difficult to come by today.
  • Thousand years ago, hunters made their own leather undershirts using this technique. Later on, as the manufacture of these products became rare, it was only the army commanders or submarine captains who could afford its comfort. Again today, we offer these indestructible, temperature regulating and extremely skin-friendly leather underwears in the same tradition, great for any outdoorsman.




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  • Traditional German-tanned goat leather
  • The natural tanning process of 6000 years ago
  • Cod oil is kneaded into the leather skin. The oil disappears in a slow oxidation process and transforms the raw animal skin into pleasantly soft and “buttery” leather.
  • At the end of the tanning process, the excess cod oil is washed away with a sodium bicarbonate solution.
  • The finished leather product has a pleasant smell and is yellow in color.
  • If while damp, the leather is laid in a chemical-free bleach solution, the traditional German-tanned leather becomes white.
  • (As fine as the white leather riding pants of Vienna’s Spanish Riding School)
  • Properties: warm, cozy and breathable, especially skin-friendly, regulates temperature in winter as well as in summer; durable
  • Important Care Instructions, please follow carefully:
    • Machine wash cold only (30 degrees Celcius)
    • Use a special leather laundry detergent
    • The leather will turn hard if exposed to sunlight!
  • Wearing Instructions – always wear short length cloth underwear underneath the leather ones!
  • When these care instructions are followed, the underwear will remain wearable for a long time.
  • Color: pale yellow


Machine Wash Cold, Perm Press image description image descriptionDo Not IronDo Not Dry Clean

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