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 About Our Knives

Two of our knives All of our knives are hand-crafted; many of them with historic steel.

In the following two videos you will get an idea of how our steel originates in the renown Damascus blacksmith Markus Balbach's smithery.




In addition, we are pleased to present you with the making of our pocket knives which were developed and manufactured according to designs from 1932.


The steel and special materials which comprise the booklet guarantee a unique specimen, to be valued for a lifetime.

The best quality is guaranteed through multiple quality conformance tests at every stage of production and again before shipment.

Be sure to clean the blade after use or contact with your hands. A special low acidity blade oil should be used to care for your blade. 

Store your knife in a safe place out of reach of children. The blades not only look nice, they are also very sharp!

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