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Maintain Laundry

Washing Instructions

Machine Wash, COLD 
Machine Wash, Warm 
Machine Wash, HOT 
Machine Wash, COLD 
Permanent Press
Machine Wash, WARM 
Permanent Press
Machine Wash, HOT 
Permanent Press
Machine Wash, COLD 
Gentle Cycle
Machine Wash, WARM 
Gentle Cycle
Machine Wash, HOT 
Gentle Cycle
Hand Wash 
Do Not Wash 


Bleaching Instructions

Bleach as needed 
Any bleach, like Clorox®, may be safely used
Non-chlorine Bleach as needed 
Use only a color-safe bleach, like Clorox 2®
Do Not Bleach 
No bleach product should be used including detergents with bleach - or follow bleach package test procedures to test for bleach safety.


Drying Instructions

Tumble Dry, NO HEAT 
Tumble Dry, MEDIUM 
Tumble Dry, HIGH 
Tumble Dry, Permanent Press, NO HEAT 
Tumble Dry, Permanent Press, LOW HEAT 
Tumble Dry, Permanent Press, MEDIUM 
Tumble Dry, Gentle Cycle, NO HEAT 
Tumble Dry, Gentle Cycle, LOW HEAT 
Tumble Dry, Gentle Cycle, MEDIUM 
Do Not Tumble Dry 
Line Dry 
Drip Dry 
Dry Flat 


Ironing Instructions

Iron, Steam or Dry, with LOW HEAT 
Iron, Steam or Dry, with MEDIUM HEAT 
Iron, Steam or Dry, with HIGH HEAT 
Do Not Iron with Steam 
Do Not Iron 


Drycleaning Instructions

Do Not Dryclean 
May appear with additional letters and/or lines Take this item to a professional dry cleaner.

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