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Overboot Insoles, 9mm

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Overboot Insoles, 9mm

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Overboot Insoles, 9mm

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  • Overboot insoles - for enhanced comfort and hygiene
  • Providing an improved fit for your overboots
  • Prevents the lower interior of the overboot from becoming extremely soiled
  • Increases the longevity of the overboots 



  • With your everyday shoes and boots already on your feet, feel comfortable sliding right into your overboots: the dirt from the bottom of your shoes will be captured on the insole instead of resting inside the overboot.
  • Simple to later remove and rinse off, leaving the interior of your boots unsoiled and ready for their next use.
  • The overboots are designed to have a bit of extra room to accommodate various types of shoes and boots.
  • These insoles will help occupy any extra space in the overboots caused by a difference in size between your everyday shoes or boots and the overboots.
  • An increased comfort level is thus obtained.
  • Choose from one of two different thicknesses: 5mm or 9mm.
  • Select the insoles size corresponding to your overboot size.
  • Sizing Hints: depending on the manufacturer of the footwear worn inside the overboot. These are roughly the equivalent sizes:
  • Boot Size Euro Size US Men's Size US Women's Size
    S 38 5.5 7.5
    M 39-41 6-8 8.5-10.5
    L 42-44 9-11 11.5-12.5
    XL 45-47 12-14 13+
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