Range Bag Trolley Cover

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Range Bag Trolley Cover – black
  • Something you can always rely on – whether in rain, wind or inclement weather, this cover consistently protects the valuable and sensitive contents of your range bag from dampness and direct UV rays.
  • Two velcro fasteners – serve as a simple means of fastening items to the lightweight Range Bag Trolley frame.
  • Easy to use – simply attach it and you're ready to go.


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  • Small purchase, large impact – the Range Bag Trolley cover has a rubber underside which unfailingly prevents moisture from penetrating and protects the valuable contents of your Range Bag.
  • The fabric is exceedingly resistant to UV rays and abrasion.
  • Simple to attach through the use of two velcro fasteners onto the trolley's frame.
  • Easy access to the Range Bag – simply lift up the cover and you are afforded free access to the Range Bag.
  • Easy to clean – should the cover become dirty, simply use a damp cloth to effectively clean it.
  • Dimensions: L: 124.5 cm/49", B: 55.2 cm/29.7" (for 83.0 cm/32.7" length) / 45.0 cm/17.7" (for 38.5 cm/15.2" length) with the velcro attachment in between.
  • Color: black