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Elastic Strap for Range Bag Trolley, 70"

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Elastic Strap for Range Bag Trolley, 70"

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Elastic Strap for Range Bag Trolley – black - 70"


  • Provides increased safety – the elastic strap anchors every range bag to the trolley
  • Variable length – depending on the measurements of the bag, the rigging strap's length is individually adjustable (up to 180 cm/70")
  • One-handed length adjustment – patented sturdy plastic end hooks with sophisticated mechanism for shortening the cord


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  • Fasten the range bag onto the trolley with the use of two sturdy plastic hooks. These hooks have a mechanism to adjust the length, giving the elastic strap multiple uses.
  • Patented hooks – prevent the usual irritation of wrapping the cord around the frame – with one movement, the length of the cord is perfectly adjusted.
  • Elastic rigging strap – multi-strand rubber core
  • The outer surface is abrasion-resistent, UV-resistant and all-season.
  • Diameter: approx. 8 mm
  • Color: black
  • Flexible length up to 70"/180 cm