GR Knee Pads

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Guga Ribas Knee Pads
  • Reliable knee protection at top speed – with the Guga Ribas Knee Pads, marksmen can run unhindered and kneel down without sacrificing speed and precision.
  • Comfortable and flexible – the GR Knee Pads are filled with a protective foam that adapts well to the knee and absorbs the energy of an impact.
  • Lifetime warranty – GR Knee Pads have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. More information can be found here (opens a new window).



Ships From: Atlanta, GA, USA


  • Are you at one of those stages where shooters have to throw themselves into the gravel at lightning speed? Today you can smile about it because you have your GR Knee Pads with you.
  • Quickly donned – the pads are attached to the leg with two Velcro straps located above and below the knee.
  • The neoprene exterior is very durable and makes the pads very elastic, allowing them to fit any knee while providing maximum comfort.
  • Two knee pads are included per purchase
  • Additional Details:
    • Color: black
    • Sizes: one size fits all
    • Material:
      • synthetic and Neoprene