Gel Replacement Kit for Supreme Pro™ Ear Muffs

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Gel Replacement Kit for Supreme Pro™ Ear Muffs
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  • Maintaining the longevity of exceptional ear protection – This replacement set includes gel ear seals with foam spacers, preserving the hygiene of the Supreme Pro™ Ear Muffs.
  • With frequent use, sweat, dirt and normal wear and tear decrease the performance level of the ear protection. This replacement set reestablishes the original noise reduction level while at the same time improving hygiene.
  • The pads are made of a silicone gel which ensures that even if punctured or damaged, nothing will leak out.



  • Ideal for eyeglass wearers – The silicone pads completely enclose the earpiece portion of the glasses, optimizing noise cancellation. Pressure on the frames is minimized – a real advantage in terms of wearing comfort!
  • It is important to replace the seals at regular intervals in order to maintain the sound attenuation performance of the ear muffs as well as to maintain hygiene.
  • Increased comfort compared to conventional ear pads.
  • Compatible with Supreme Pro™ Ear Muffs. The set can be directly employed without requiring adjustments to the ear muffs.
  • Contains a set of two gel ear pads and two foam insulation separators.
  • Color: black/blue