Wild Boar Hunting Knife made of Heavy Duty Steel

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Wild Boar Hunting Knife made of Heavy Duty Steel


  • All-purpose hunting knife with extraordinary sturdiness
  • Containing an extremely high amount of vanadium, CPM 420V is almost double as corrosion resistant as CPM T 440V.
  • Long useful blade life; high cutting edge retention
  • 56 – 61 HRC in hardened condition
  • Handle made from maple root and sheath from organic saddle leather
  • Each knife is unique and comes with a serial number
  • Color:
    • wooden handle: red
    • leather sheath: black



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  • CPM 420V is a powder metallurgical heavy duty steel
  • Its composition gives this stainless martensitic steel properties which far exceed all previous knife steels:
    • Carbon: 2.2%
    • Chromium: 13.0%
    • Vanadium: 9%
    • Molybdenum: 1.0%
  • The blade can be sharpened with an ordinary corundum brick. This requires a bit of time, but with its extremely long useful blade life, will seldom be necessary.
  • The high vanadium content, which produces extremely hard and finely distributed vanadium carbide while at the same time leaving much of the free chromium in the hardened steel, results in high corrosion resistance and cutting edge retention.
  • The full tang has full thickness across the width of the blade, which gives this knife extraordinary stability.
  • The balanced handle is not only comfortable, but also provides an excellent grip, even in the cold or when wearing gloves.
  • The bolsters are made of stainless steel and the handle itself is made of stabilized maple root wood in red.
  • Under extreme pressure, the material is drenched in synthetic resin and hardened to stabilize the wood. By sealing off the pores and cell spaces, the synthetic resin reduces the swelling and shrinking of the wood.
  • The light-colored sheath is made of traditionally crafted saddle leather. Solely vegetable tanning materials are used during the tanning process. The leather is retanned in drums over a period of 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Key measurements: 
    • Total length – 8.86 inches (225 mm)
    • Blade length – 3.94 inches (100 mm)
    • Blade strength – 0.15 inches (3.8 mm)

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