Old Style of 1932 G3 Pocket Knife

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Old Style of 1932 G3 Pocket Knife
  • Traditional and unique manufacturing techniques and a knife design from 1932 make this knife something special. The design is based off of dusty pattern books discovered at the 175-year-old manufacturer's factory in Solingen, Germany.
  • To be able to manufacture this special knife, the old tools were restored or newly manufactured. Both innovation as well as experience were needed in equally amounts to create this knife using these old, relearned, complicated techniques.
  • The 320-layer, non-stainless Damascus steel for the knife's blade is made from one of the most famous German blacksmiths, Markus Balbach out of material from the barrel of historic German G3 assault rifles.




    Eco-friendly Recyclable

  • This knife model was made based on drawings from the manufacturer's pattern books from the year 1932.
  • The body of the knife (skeleton) is composed of two stamped brass liners each having a welded nickel silver liner, a back spring, a guard attached to the back spring, a connecting piece as well as a blade made of G3 Damascus steel.
  • The part resulting from “liners”  and “pins” is characterized as a “booklet.”
  • The Damascus steel used for the blade – from an old G3 assault rifle – makes this pocket knife exquisite and unique.
  • The unlocking of the fixed blade occurs via a sophisticated mechanism, which is triggered by the guard – made of the material nickel silver.
  • To manufacture the knife's body, the parts are permanently riveted together. This pocket knife's production method is comparable to that of how the knife was assembled in 1932.
  • The knife's scales are made of stabilized bog oak – a wood which has been preserved through thousands of years in Danish bogs - the color changing to dark brown through the aging process.
  • The wooden scales are carefully attached to the knife's skeleton using nickel silver pins and then permanently riveted together.
  • After more than 100 separate steps using high-quality materials, highly skilled proffessionals created an extremely durable, top grade knife which retains its sharpness.
  • Technical Information:
    • Total Length: 8.75 inches (223 mm)
    • Blade Length: 3.75 inches (95 mm)
    • Blade  Strength: 0.09 inches (2.3 mm)
    • Hardness: 58 – 61 HRC
    • Pattern: wave Damascus

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