Old Style of 1932 Eurofighter Pocket Knife

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Old Style of 1932 Eurofighter Pocket Knife


  • Old unique techniques and designs from 1932 – founded on dusty pattern books at a 175-year-old company in Solingen, Germany.
  • The tools had to be recreated; and innovation and experience were needed to manufacture these knives using old, relearned techniques.
  • Made of 320-layer Eurofighter Damascus – steel from the on-board cannon of a German combat Eurofighter jet.
  • The steel from the on-board cannon is melted with tool steel during a forge welding process.


eco-friendly recyclable


  • This knife model is manufactured based on the drawings and sample books from 1932.
  • The body of the knife (skeleton) is composed of two stamped brass liners with each having welded pins made of nickel silver, a back spring, a guard attached to the back spring, a connecting piece as well as a blade made of Eurofighter Damascus steel.
  • The part resulting from “liners” and “pins” is characterized as a “booklet”
  • The plates for the 320-layer non stainless Eurofighter Damascus blade were handmade at the blacksmith shop of Markus Balbach and are made of recycled steel from an on-board cannon Mauser BK-27 of a Eurofighter aircraft.
  • For the manufacture of the knife’s body, the parts are permanently riveted together. This pocket knife’s production method is comparable to that of how the knife was assembled in 1932.
  • The knife’s handle’s scales are made of mammoth bones, a very fine and sensitive material. These scales, while still in the rectangular block shape, are carefully attached, solely by hand, to the knife’s skeleton, and only then are they modified to match the knife’s shape.
  • After completion of the blade blank, the knife is brought into its final form by hand by a trained specialist, the “Ausmacher,” or “Finalizer”.
  • The “Ausmacher,” – who is called the „Utmäker“ in Solingen – grinds the springs in the back of the pocket knife down to the bare metal, dry-fines and polishes them, breaks down and smoothes the rough edges and corners of the “booklet” and dry-fines the rivets until they’re smooth. In the end, the knife is made to shine with a polishing cloth. Each one by hand. Making each knife unique.
  • Completion of this pocket knife occurs after over 100 different steps have been performed by highly skilled professionals. The knife is made of high quality materials, is extremely durable, retains the sharpness of its edges, and is highly valuable.
  • Technical Information:
    • Total length: 6 inches (152 mm)
    • Blade length: 2.5 inches (63 mm)
    • Blade strength: 0.08 inches (2 mm)
    • Hardness: 60 HRC
    • Pattern: Small Roses/Pyramids

Please note: We do not use elephant ivory in any of our products. To protect elephants and in accordance with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) of 1989, the majority of our knife handles are made of stabilized wood. The ivory used in this knife's handle comes from mammoth bones.

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