One-of-a-kind Nordland Knife with Explosions Damascus Steel

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One-of-a-kind Nordland Knife made of Explosions Damascus Steel


  • Hand-forged Explosions Damascus steel with a high degree of hardness at 63 HRC and high toughness
  • Handle made from mammoth ivory with stabilized Black Ash Burl and titanium inserts
  • Hand-stamped dark brown leather sheath made of eco-friendly saddle leather




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  • Blade made of fine Explosions Damascus steel from Markus Balbach, master blacksmith.
  • Ferrule and end cap made of Mosaic Damascus.
  • Non-stainless steel.
  • Having a large choil, the blade is well-suited for hunters to perform a variety of cutting work.
  • Black Ash Burl – this stabilized wood is drenched in synthetic resin and hardened under extreme pressure. By sealing off the pores and cell spaces, the synthetic resin reduces the swelling and shrinking of the wood.
  • The sheath is made of traditionally crafted saddle leather. Solely vegetable tanning materials are used during the tanning process. The leather is retanned in drums over a period of 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Key measurements: 
  • Color:
    • Handle: light brown
    • Leather sheath: black
  • Information:
    • Total length: 8.47 inches (215 mm)
    • Blade length: 3.94 inches (100 mm)
    • Blade strength: 0.15 inches (3.8 mm)
    • Hardness: 63 HRC
    • Pattern: dotted propagation of explosion waves

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