One-of-a-kind San Mai Damascus Hunting Knife – Antelope Horn Handle

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One-of-a-kind Hunting Knife made of Finest San Mai Damascus Steel – Antelope Horn Handle


  • Hand-forged San Mai Damascus steel from Markus Balbach – this non-stainless Damascus, containing tool steel at the core, is veneered on the sides with 160 layers of DSC® banded Damascus
  • Artful handle made out of an antelope horn set in Damascus steel
  • Sheath made of eco-friendly saddle leather


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  • San Mai Damascus means "to forge three leaves" in Japanese. The core is veneered on two sides.
  • The core consists of tool steel 1.2842; the sides out of 160-layer DSC® Damascus steel
  • Since 1999, the Balbach company has been producing this unusual DSC® Damascus steel in the traditional welding assembly technique. It is super clean, meaning there are no impurities in the steel or in the weld seams.
  • DSC® Damascus Super Clean is registered as patent number 302008009468. This genuine welded steel achieves a high initial hardness (61 HRC)
  • The best blade cutting properties are achieved through the high degree of hardness, toughness and minimal brittleness.
  • The waterbuck (a type of antelope) horns used on the handle were prepared and stabilized for a good hand grip.
  • The ferrule and end cap on the handle made of fine Damascus steel.
  • The sheath is made of traditionally crafted saddle leather in black. A discreet buckle prevents the knife from falling out.
  • Solely vegetable tanning materials are used during the tanning process. The leather is retanned in drums over a period of 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Please note: delivery time can take up to several weeks.
  • Key measurements: 
    • Total length – 8.27 inches (210 mm)
    • Blade length – 3.55 inches (90 mm)
    • Blade strength – 0.19 inches (4.8 mm)
    • Hardness: 61 HRC
    • Pattern:  San Mai

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