Robust Hunting Knife made of Steel from the Battleship Tirpitz – blue

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Robust Hunting Knife made of Steel from the Battleship Tirpitz – blue


  • Historic steel recycled from the 1944 sunken German battleship Tirpitz
  • 320-layer Damascus steel forged by Markus Balbach, Germany
  • All-purpose hunting knife with extraordinary stability and full tang construction
  • Damascus steel with a high degree of hardness between 61 – 63 HRC
  • Handle made from maple root and sheath from eco-friendly saddle leather
  • Each knife is unique and comes with its own serial number


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  • Extraordinary 320-layer Damascus steel from the armor of the German battleship Tirpitz

  • This non-stainless high-alloy steel was recovered from the capsized Tirpitz by a Norwegian and German company. It is being used for scientific purposes as well as for space travel.

  • The full tang has a full thickness across the width of the blade,which gives this knife extraordinary stability.
  • The balanced handle has an excellent grip, even in the cold or when wearing gloves.
  • The bolsters are made of stainless steel and the handle itself is made of stabilized maple root wood.
  • Under extreme pressure, the material is drenched in synthetic resin and hardened to stabilize the wood. By sealing off the pores and cell spaces, the synthetic resin reduces the swelling and shrinking of the wood.
  • Color:
    • wooden handle: blue
    • leather sheath: black
  • Information:
    • Total length: 9.06 inches (230 mm)
    • Blade length: 4.13 inches (105 mm)
    • Blade strength: 0.15 inches (3.8 mm)
    • Hardness: 61 – 63 HRC

Pattern: wild Damascus

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