Exclusive one-of-a-kind Bowie Knife made of Leo Damascus Steel

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Exclusive one-of-a-kind Bowie Knife made of Leo Damascus Steel


  • Recycled steel from the barrel of a German Leopard tank is forged by Markus Balbach into a fine 320-layer Damascus with the pattern Large Pyramids
  • This artful, exclusive Damascus Bowie knife, deriving its name from the trapper James Bowie, is well-suited for field workers, for the hunt and of course for fighting. The blade must be at least 150 mm long if not longer. This Bowie has a strong 385 mm long Damascus blade.
  • The precious handle is made of “Ainkhürn,” the tusk of a narwhal. This tusk is believed to offer magical protection.
  • The dark brown leather sheath is hand-crafted from eco-friendly saddle leather.



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  • Leo Damascus with an artistic Large Pyramids pattern. Made from the barrel of a Leopard tank.
  • This non-stainless barrel steel from a Leopard tank is not available for sale and has no material number. It is extremely wear-resistant and is combined with a chromium, manganese and vanadium alloy tool steel with a high concentration of carbon content during the forging process.
  • The strong 385 mm long blade is separated from the grip by a striking guard.
  • Guard and butt are made of Damascus steel and support  the grip made from the tusk of a narwhale, or a medieval unicorn. It is one of the most valuable materials in existence and was treasured in the past for its godlike power and was used primarily for sovereign insignias.
  • The large stamp-embellished sheath is made of traditionally crafted brown saddle leather. Solely vegetable tanning materials are used during the tanning process. The leather is retanned in drums over a period of 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Key measurements: 
    • Total length: 21.45 inches (545 mm)
    • Blade length: 15.15 inches (385 mm)
    • Blade strength: 0.53 inches (8.5 mm)
    • Pattern: Large Pyramids

Disclaimer: None of our knives are produced with elephant ivory, but is derived from Mammoth. This is in accordance with recent United States legislation banning the commercial trade of elephant ivory. Further information can be found here.