Damascus Knives

Damascus Knives
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The GASTON® J. GLOCK style hunting knife shop brings you an exclusive European collection of handmade Damascus knives; All-Purpose Hunting Knives, Wild Boar Knife (420V Stainless Steel), Bowie Knives, Chef's Knives, Collectors Hunting Knives, Humpback Sandwich Knives, Liner Lock Pocket Knives, Loveless Hunting Knives, Nicker Hunting Knives, Pocket Knives and our new line of Falcon Hunting Knives.
Our blades are produced with rare Damascus steel making each knife unique. We manufacture our Damascus steel from historically sourced materials; Armor of the German battleship Tirpitz, the Barrel of a Glock® 35 - Dave Sevigny’s Pistol, the barrels of German G3 Assault Rifles, Barrel of Leopard Tank (Leopard 1A4), Barrel of Mauser BK-27 cannon of a Eurofighter, Meteorite and 105mm Gun Barrel off of M48 Patton Tank. Additionally, we use Damascus Super Clean DSC-145® Stainless Steel, San Mai, and also Damascus Super Clean DSC-160® Non-Stainless Steel.
Another way we guarantee no two knives are alike is using handles manufactured from naturally derived exotic materials such as: Antelope Horn, Araucaria Wood, Basswood, Black Ash Burl, Blue Root Wood, Bog Oak, Buckeye, Carbon Fiber, Hardwood, Ironwood, Kudu Horn, Mammoth Ivory, Mammoth Molar Rind, Mammoth Tooth, Maple Burl Wood, Maple Root, Narwhal, Olive Wood, Plum Wood, and Tropical Cocobolo.
This remarkable Damascus knife collection is durable and can be used every day, but many of these knives will end up in your collection. We invite you to explore the GASTON® J. GLOCK style knife store.
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