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Corporate Principles



Too hard, too expensive, too complicated - nothing should prevent us from respecting our environment, promoting our health and our spirits and supporting fair and humane working conditions across international borders.

We won’t accomplish everything at once, but we will not stop working to achieve these goals.


Not every company starts out with a product idea in their garage, but every company begins with a good idea.

We have created a team which combines entrepreneurial spirit, marketing know-how and knowledge of the trade coupled with enthusiasm and the desire to design and produce the best apparel and equipment for Shooting Sports and Hunting.

As a team we will combine our visions and concepts and work together to transform them into successful business strategies.

Work Ethics

We are searching and striving for the best. We work as a team and create synergies, individuality and a sense of community. All this underscores and supports our values of transparency and fairness, both internal and external.

Our employees, our partners and our customers are all very important to us. We share our ideas and goals with them for sustainable market success.


In our daily activities, we create an environment where innovation can thrive and contribute to the continual improvement of our products. Nothing is so good that it cannot be improved upon.
We will reach the top with our Shooting and Hunting products and our GASTON brand will define the standards for environmental friendliness and fair trade.

Whether for leisure, business or sports, we are confident that everyone will like wearing our fashionable and practical styles while they hunt, shoot and contribute to the preservation  of environment.

The brand GASTON stands for greatness among equals.


We are proving that the road less traveled can still be taken, and that market leadership is not synonymous with limitless globalization. Tradition, experience and knowledge will remain in focus. Our decisions and responsibilities are aligned with our accountability.

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