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Grandmother of Gaston J. Glock in 1928 I, Gaston J. Glock, son of the founder of the gun company, always wanted the extraordinary. With success: after 25 rewarding years in my family-run business, I am taking a new entrepreneurial path.

My brand GASTON® encompasses the goal-oriented development of products focused on people and the environment. The products are a well-balanced combination of style and function, imparting both safety and elegance to Hunting and Shooting Sports.

It is not unusual, but is notable to mention that certain people in my life, consciously or unconsciously, have left their imprint and influenced the direction I chose at certain points.

I fondly remember my grandmother recounting the interesting stories and adventures about her canoe trips and long hikes in the mountains. The memories that I have of her family and friends enjoying the undisturbed beauty of nature and mastering difficult situations have endured. Only later did I realize that my grandmother was one of the few women who had the tenacity and courage to enthusiastically and persistently devote her spare time to these physical activities in such difficult times. She took her own individual path in life and will always be a loving grandmother and amazing person to me.

Armed with these memories, my love of nature and experience gathered from working at my family business, I have built my own business based on the guidelines of high standards for environmental protection, the protection of our health and for fair trade practices.

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